Understanding Cooling Towers for Commercial Properties

Cooling towers are an important part of an efficient commercial AC system, but they use a lot of water. Here are a few ways to minimize your water use. 

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Smart Irrigation Reduces Water Use

How much water are you using to keep your landscape healthy? Is it the right amount? The reality is a lot of irrigation water is wasted.

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Water Information Across the Web

Looking for some good resources for water use and water conservation? Here is a list that Banyan Water uses regularly.

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Water is Bigger in Texas

Texas has some great resources for water use and water conservation. Here are some of the resources Banyan Water uses often.

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Slab Leak Detection

A sudden jump in your water bill is alarming. Even more alarming? Standing water. Prevention of slab leaks is always best.

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Getting LEED Credit for Water Efficiency

Confused about LEED credits for water savings? You are not alone. This table breaks it down and is easy to understand.

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The National Apartment Association 2016 Convention: What We’re Excited About

Looking forward to meeting innovators at the National Apartment Association convention in San Francisco. (NAA 2016). Stop by our booth & hear how we are changing water.

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California Businesses Prepare for Ongoing Drought

Executive order requires mandatory water reductions. California’s ongoing drought impacts everyone and businesses need to prepare for more drought.

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Nine Categories of LEED Points

The 9 categories of LEED points are Location & Transportation, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Material & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation, Regional Priority, and Integrative Process

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What is LEED Certification & What it Means to You

Are you ready for LEED certification? What is LEED certification? Why invest in it? There are multiple benefits.

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