Increasing Sustainability While Reducing Costs.

Facilities Managers know the complex nature of managing a large campus. From keeping all of the buildings running to ensuring that the landscaping looks healthy to handling unexpected emergencies; it’s a big job.
Banyan Water simplifies water management on large and complex campuses by providing constant monitoring, automatic savings and immediate water-related alerts, ensuring that water is always under control.

  • Real-time water tracking and leak alerts
  • Analytics to compare and analyze water use across the campus
  • Proactive recommendations on ways to improve efficiency
  • On-site solutions to decrease water usee
  • Decreased operating expenses
  • Two to three year payback periods
  • Measurable progress towards sustainability goals


Banyan Water Central:

Water tracking & analysis software

Irrigation Insight:

Managed irrigation services that save 50-70% of outdoor water use

Indoor Insight:

Indoor water tracking and leak detection

Cooling Tower Monitoring:

Optimizing cooling tower water use

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