Name: Kassandra Hendrix
Title: Associate
Role: Business Development

1. How did your background lead you to Banyan Water? What drew you to the company?
“I spent a decade on Wall Street. Working with high-caliber service and sales teams to support
sophisticated institutional clients taught me valuable skills needed to work with the real estate industry.
What drew me to Banyan—and continues to inspire me—is the opportunity to work for a company that
has vision and purpose. Banyan Water’s products and services embody my own focus and interest in
sustainability, technology, business and collaboration.”

2. How is Banyan different from other IoT companies? What is its greatest differentiator, both from
other water management companies and other companies utilizing IoT technology/concepts?
“Banyan is the forerunner in total water management. Advanced data analytic capabilities combined
with interactive heat maps and predicative tools result in verified savings and results for our customers.
Smart hardware and innovative software provide real-time visibility and active management for optimal
water efficiency indoors and outdoors. Our company’s interactive approach in preventing and
addressing anomalies to reduce water use is incredibly significant. That human component is integral in
both controlling operating costs for our customers as well building enduring relationships.”

3. When you’re not saving billions of gallons of water, what do you like to do in your free time?
“I am an art enthusiast and find joy in creativity and discovering new concepts. Whether it be behind a
camera lens, traveling or enjoying different genres of music, I find inspiration through collaboration and
the ideas of others.”

4. What is the most interesting IoT-related trend—regardless of industry—that you’ve seen? What about specifically in the water management space?
“In my opnion, the most interesting trend with respect to the Internet of Things is its proliferation and
driving force to strengthen infrastructures and networks with the massive computing power required to
accommodate its connectivity. Everything in our daily life is becoming a connected ecosystem. IoT is
making a variety of fields interdependent. With these linkages, comes the need for durability and
security. These necessities further weave IoT into the fabric of our economy, government operations,
transit models, public safety, waste management, water efficiency, and countless other aspects.  While digital technology and big data change the way we do business, IoT represents informational
dynamics that will revolutionize our environment as well. IoT is shifting the management of energy and
finite resources that propel society.”