Reducing Outdoor Water Use to Improve NOI

Multifamily property owners on the lookout for ways to improve Net Operating Income (NOI) will do well to look at reducing outdoor water waste. We found most properties can  reduce irrigation water use by 50-70%. 

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Understanding Cooling Towers for Commercial Properties

Cooling towers are an important part of an efficient commercial AC system, but they use a lot of water. Here are a few ways to minimize your water use. 

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Smart Irrigation Reduces Water Use

How much water are you using to keep your landscape healthy? Is it the right amount? The reality is a lot of irrigation water is wasted.

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Water Information Across the Web

Looking for some good resources for water use and water conservation? Here is a list that Banyan Water uses regularly.

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Water is Bigger in Texas

Texas has some great resources for water use and water conservation. Here are some of the resources Banyan Water uses often.

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