Director of Finance and Administration

Founded in 2012, Banyan’s mission is to help solve the world’s water scarcity issues by providing data, insights, and technical solutions to enterprise commercial customers. We are passionate about water and are looking for a new member who would like to join our fast paced, early stage, small and growing start-up. Must be able to [...]

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Imagine A Day Without Water

For the fourth year thousands of cities, businesses, and organizations across the United States are banding together with a single message: Imagine what our lives would be like without water?  This simple little molecule, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, is the foundation for all life on our planet. Yet so often we still [...]

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Summer Heat Continues Well Into Fall

Feeling like you still can't beat the heat? You're not alone Cities around the country are experiencing record breaking temperatures as we’ve transitioned into fall. Paired with below average rainfall throughout the second half of 2019, water demand for irrigation has remained high, both for landscapes and agriculture. Across the country and around the world [...]

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Banyan Water Leak Detection Report 2019 Year To Date

Leaks are silent water-wasters that can go undetected for months at a time. Oftentimes, facility or property managers are not alerted to leaks until a costly water bill lands on their desk. Depending on the size of a leak and the time of year, a leak may not even be detected. This can add tens [...]

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Water Conservation Manager

Role: Banyan Water is seeking a Water Conservation Manager for its Water Management Operations team. This role is responsible for the comprehensive water management for a portfolio of assigned properties using advanced web-based tools. The position will report to Operations Management. This role is ideal for a take-charge individual who can maximize and manage water saving solutions [...]

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