Banyan Water, the leading provider of data-driven water conservation for the built environment, announced today the expansion of its relationship with multifamily real estate investment firm GID Investment Advisers (GID).

The announcement follows GID’s recent release of its 2017 Sustainability Report in collaboration with Verdani Partners, featuring Banyan’s integration with Mission Pointe in Sunnyvale, California, where Banyan has saved more the 10.6 million gallons of water in the last year. Banyan has also installed its software platform at GID properties in Houston, Texas, and Delray Beach, Florida.

“With Banyan, we’ve reduced water usage at Mission Pointe by more than 50 percent and saved more than $70,000,” said Michael Ferguson, VP of engineering at GID. “We’ve already implemented Banyan’s technology at a number of additional properties and look forward to expanding more in 2018 to continue to reduce operating expenses and improve our water efficiency.”

Banyan Water uses a combination of real-time metering, zone-controlled irrigation and meteorological data to monitor and maintain indoor and outdoor irrigation efficiency. Banyan’s cloud-based software also detects leaks in real time to avoid detrimental property damage and exorbitant water bills.

“Water is the most severely undervalued resource in the country,” said Gillan Taddune, CEO of Banyan Water. “Visualizing water savings through Banyan’s data and analytics platform enables enterprises to not only recognize the environmental advantage that smart technology provides but also the near-immediate increase in asset value.”