Banyan Water’s water-savings wall in our Austin headquarters.

Today is World Water Day, a day when we consider the importance of water, especially clean, potable water in our lives. In celebration of World Water Day, Banyan Water is proud to announce that, through the use of innovative technology and data, Banyan Water has successfully saved 2.3 billion gallons of water.

With weather patterns changing and the U.S. water infrastructure quickly aging, clean, potable water is  increasingly valuable and expensive to produce. Every gallon that Banyan Water saves is a gallon that water utilities don’t have to process, a gallon that can be used elsewhere, or a gallon that can remain in the aquifer, lake or other water supply for another day.

To put the 2.3 billion gallon number in context, here is what can be done with 2.3 billion gallons of water:

  • Washing 76,666,667 loads of laundry in a high efficiency washing machine
  • Filling 3485 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • 766,667 faucets dripping a drop per minute for a year
  • Supplying 15,753 households for a year
  • Supplying the City of Los Angeles with water for five days (based on the city’s 2016 water use)
  • Creating 2,178,030 gallons of brewed coffee (Did you know that it takes about 1056 gallons of water to create one gallon of brewed coffee?)
  • Producing 7,876,712 pounds of raisins or 34,328,358 pounds of oranges

Banyan Water and its partners believe in the power of technology to change the way that we use and conserve water. Thank you to all of our partners who have worked with Banyan Water to save water on their properties. To learn more about this savings milestone, click here.