AUSTIN, Texas (May 23, 2019)—Banyan Water, the leading provider of total water management software, today announced it is expanding its partnership with BH Management—one of the largest multifamily property management firms in the U.S.—as the preferred smart irrigation provider for the firm’s properties.

In 2018 alone, BH Management experienced 55 percent water savings across 11 of its properties with Banyan Water Central, Banyan’s total water management software. The firm has also saved a total of 40 million gallons since installation and plans to implement Banyan Water Central across a number of new properties in 2019.

“Since we’ve implemented Banyan’s smart irrigation technology, we’ve seen a significant reduction in our water bill and have substantially mitigated our risk of water leaks,” said Joanna Zabriskie, President of BH Management. “We look forward to expanding with Banyan in 2019 as our preferred provider and to conserve even more water across our portfolio.”

Banyan Water uses a combination of real-time metering, zone-controlled irrigation and meteorological data to monitor and maintain indoor usage and outdoor irrigation efficiency. Banyan’s cloud-based software also detects leaks in real time to avoid detrimental property damage and exorbitant water bills.  

“We’re seeing more and more multifamily properties embrace water management solutions that enable facility managers to visualize how water is being used on their sites,” said Gillan Taddune, CEO of Banyan. “BH Management has made a significant investment in sustainable practices, and we’re excited to augment their water conservation strategies with a total water management solution that both protects precious resources and delivers quantifiable ROI.”