Six questions to ask your landscaper
If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, there are plenty of factors to consider when
maintaining your landscape. For many, a well-maintained lawn is the ultimate balancing act.
Water too much and your water bill becomes a fluid nightmare. Water too little and you risk
destroying your landscape.
That’s why it’s important to vet potential landscapers before they begin working on your system
and throughout the relationship. To help you out, we’re passing along a few questions that should
be top-of- mind when you’re speaking with your landscaper.

When did we last replace our sprinkler heads and irrigation controllers?
If checked once or twice a year, high-quality sprinkler heads should last a decade or more.
Controllers can last 15 years or more, but more often than not need to be replaced sooner as
newer technologies become available. Banyan will update and replace controllers cost-free to its
clients during the lifetime of a contract and in subsequent renewals. We also perform annual
irrigation site inspections and make relevant recommendations about head replacement when
necessary during the install phase.

How often are you adjusting watering schedules and run times?
This is most often dependent on grass and plant type and microclimate, among other factors.
While some landscapers adjust these schedules bi-monthly, monthly or weekly at best, Banyan
adjusts irrigation run times daily. Even a one- or two-minute change in the schedule that reflects
small changes in humidity, temperature and more can translate into aggregated savings of 50 to
70 percent in the long term, where the competition would only achieve 10 to 30 percent savings.

Are you watering all zones uniformly or independent of one another?
If different zones contain different types of grass, plants or soil, they will need to be watered
independently of one another. To determine the amount of water each zone should receive,
Banyan performs site audits during the installation phase that takes a deep dive into the
landscape’s characteristics. Flower beds, shrubs, trees and grass all have different water
requirements and should be irrigated accordingly. We also look at shade, slope, wind exposure
and more, all of which can dictate evaporation potential that can help Banyan provide a
customized solution for heterogeneous landscapes.

How much do temperature and humidity influence our watering schedules?
Both temperature and humidity play a large role in evapotranspiration rates—essentially, how
much water evaporates from the ground to the atmosphere. With that in mind, temperature and
humidity directly influence how much water is needed to keep the landscape healthy. Because
Banyan adjusts its schedules daily, we are constantly analyzing evapotranspiration rates and
actively watering accordingly.

When did you last perform a site inspection to ensure system efficiency?
Your landscaper should be performing site inspections once or twice a year, typically in the spring
and fall during the start and end of irrigation season. Broken sprinkler heads, water running onto
pavement and inadequate coverage are all things to look for. Banyan’s mobile controls allow
landscapers and property managers to turn on individual zones from a mobile device, making site
inspections faster and easier than running to and from an irrigation controller each time you need
to make an adjustment.

Is water conservation part of your team’s goals?
It should be. Not only is water the earth’s most precious resource, but properly monitoring and
adjusting water flow can net you up to 70 percent savings and increase your property’s asset
value in the long run.