We’ve been called “water nerds” and we like it. The Banyan Water team spends countless hours thinking, reading, learning and talking about water. Compliments of our nerdiness, you can now enjoy our favorite list of websites offer the most helpful, insightful and practical information on water and innovative water-saving methods. We follow these sites to learn about trends, get the latest on new technologies, or gather data related to water.

EPA’s WaterSense
This 10-year old, well-developed program offers a wealth of water-saving information. We like the useful, actionable tools – from water saving tips to an online calculator that shows how much water you should be using on your property. The Banyan team regularly references this site for trustworthy research and statistics about water use in the U.S. The WaterSense program also certifies products that help water users conserve water, so it’s a great place to learn about products that can help reduce consumption. Banyan Water is currently in the process of being certified, so look for us to be listed there soon.

Great resources for water information in the United States Great resources for water information in the United States

Circle of Blue
Circle of Blue is a tremendous resource with strong reporting on all things water. They take a high-level view of the state of water around the world and publish articles that highlight the water/food/energy nexus. Did you know that Beijing is sinking because of the amount of water that they are pumping out of the ground? Have you read an in-depth report about Lake Mead’s dropping water levels? This is the place to find thorough and considered information about water issues around the world.

GreenBiz is a great go-to source for sustainability and environmental information. They offer stories and information about energy, cities, water, buildings, and overall sustainability. They also host online and offline events where sustainability professionals or leaders looking to make their organizations more sustainable can discuss specific topics.

American Water Works Association
The American Water Works Association, a large and well-respected non-profit, provides in-depth reports mostly designed for professionals in the water industry. If you actively think about backflow prevention or know what cyanotoxins are, there are some great resources for you here. Some of their resources are for members only, but there are interesting downloadable reports and data for non-members too.

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The Alliance for Water Efficiency
The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a non-profit dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water. Their website is a treasure chest full of information and useful links about water. They offer recaps of information from the EPA and AWWA as well as their own content for anyone looking to be more efficient with water, from homeowners to universities to restaurants. Visit their Resource Library for information on a wide variety of topics.

Ceres’ Water Resources
Ceres is a group dedicated to sustainable business practices. Water is just one of the issues that they cover. We love their business approach to water and water planning. With downloads including “The Investor Handbook for Water Risk Integration,” Ceres is providing resources for companies who understand the need to make sustainability planning part of their business plan.

Growing Blue
Growing Blue takes a global perspective on water’s impact on economic and social growth. There are quite a few interesting sections to their site, but our favorite is the “Growing Blue Tool” which provides interactive maps that show water stress, sustainability, quality, and water use. The map visualizes information about countries around the world or provides state-by-state data, providing a fascinating picture of water in a particular region.

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
This site covers all aspects of sustainability for the higher education community. It offers resources that address the unique needs of universities, which support not only classrooms but also housing, offices, and research facilities, just to name a few. AASHE provides information about what campuses are doing to advance sustainability. Their campus sustainability hub is our favorite area of the site (member log-in required).

International Facilities Management Association
IFMA is the largest facilities management organization out there and their website reflects the vast knowledge and collected wisdom of their members. Their Knowledge Library covers topics from energy management to addressing terrorism threats to creating a sustainable water management plan.

Regardless of your particular industry or the reasons for your focus on water savings, these sites can provide the information you need to make your case. If you are ready to learn more about starting smart water management at your business, contact Banyan Water and speak directly with one of our water nerds.

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