Banyan Water is proud to provide smart water conservation technology for facility managers across the country. Four properties under management—dubbed by the Banyan team as “Water Warriors”—more than exceeded goals in 2018 with skyrocketing water savings and innovative sustainability initiatives that reduced water consumption across campuses.

The Lincoln Centre: Combating rising rates with total water management

The Lincoln Centre is a combined hotel and premier office property in Dallas. In 2017, Texas suffered one of its worst droughts in recent history. Also faced with rapidly rising water rates, Cushman & Wakefield, the building’s property manager, sought a new solution to provide deep water insights and increase ROI. Banyan enables Cushman & Wakefield to monitor and adjust its water usage in real-time. In total, the Lincoln Centre saved 10.6 million gallons of water and tens of thousands of dollars in 2018 despite a 16 percent increase in water rates.

LivCor: Increasing net operating income portfolio-wide

LivCor, LLC is a Chicago-based real estate management firm. With more than 100 properties across the country, LivCor constantly works to maximize return for investors while providing exceptional service to its residents. As water became the fastest-rising utility cost in the U.S., LivCor required a method to not only save money, but reduce water consumption. Since partnering with Banyan, LivCor has saved hundreds of millions of gallons of water across its portfolio, saving more than 147 million gallons in 2018 alone. LivCor also created a consistent water management strategy with Banyan that stabilizes its water budget and allows for accurate budget forecasting, demonstrating a strong return on investment across its portfolio.

IMT Residential’s RIATA: Saving millions of gallons of water for Central Texas’ largest multifamily community

RIATA is a large, complex multifamily community with more than 2000 units spanning 160 acres. With the help of Banyan, RIATA’s property managers track soil moisture to ensure irrigation only occurs when absolutely necessary. Property managers can also monitor water flow across the entire property utilizing Banyan Water Central, enabling managers to detect unusual water usage and leaks. In 2018 alone, RIATA saved 52 million gallons of water and reduced its irrigation water use by 79 percent. These immense water savings are equivalent to the needs of more than 350 households.

The Thacher School: Fighting water scarcity in Ojai’s volatile climate

The Thacher School is an independent boarding school in Ojai, California that stretches across more than 400 acres and 123 buildings. As California’s worsening drought threatened the operability of the school, Ed Bennett—director of facilities for Thacher—sought a solution to rapidly reduce water consumption. In partnering with Banyan, Bennett can now analyze, monitor and control the campus’ water usage from the convenience of his mobile phone. Together, Banyan and Thacher have collaboratively reduced the school’s water consumption by more than 40 percent.

Banyan has saved billions of gallons of water since its inception and is determined to help more industrial complexes, multifamily properties, academic campuses and enterprises achieve water savings and cost-reduction goals through ground-breaking IoT solutions. Will you be our next Water Warrior?

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