Winter is nigh upon us, and with it comes the inevitable failure of homeowners,
landscapers and commercial property owners to remember to readjust their watering
schedules for grass, plants, shrubs and other outdoor landscape pieces.

Let this post, then, serve as a warning—nay, a heed—to landscapers the world over.
Now is the time to shave more than a few dollars off those winter utility bills, and to
reexamine the improvements you can make to existing water infrastructure.

Water savings are traditionally much higher in the wintertime for obvious reasons, yet
many landscapers and homeowners typically overwater in the winter months. It’s an
oversight that, over time, can eat into maintenance budgets, and also one that can be
easily avoided.

The winter months are also a great opportunity to make what are often much-needed
upgrades to existing water systems. Repairs and retroactive installations are most
beneficial in the winter, providing ample time to normalize and optimize new systems so
you can begin saving money when those 100-degree days return.

Here are a few more reminders and notable items to review heading into the more down-
tempo winter months:

  • Analyze your 2017 water use. It’s impossible to improve what you don’t know,
    so spend a few minutes looking back at water demand and make a conservation
    goal for 2018. Better yet, implement a tracking procedure so you can manage
    water without the effort.
  • Re-evaluate your landscape choices. It’s not necessary to change everything,
    but if you have Bermuda grass in Arizona or succulents in Minnesota, it might be
    worth considering some landscaping changes. Even changing out a small portion
    of your property can have significant water-saving impact.
  • Check for rebates. Local utilities offer rebates for all sorts of conservation
    measures. Are you capturing evaporative credits from your cooling tower or
    getting the money back for those smart controllers you installed last year?
    Rebates offer change from year to year, so it’s worth a look even if you didn’t
    qualify in the past.
  • Leaks stink. Wasteful, damaging and expensive, no one likes a water leak. Do a
    system test, or install water meters and leak detection tools to help stop leaks in
    their tracks in 2018.

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