In Banyan Water’s recent article from Environmental Leader, we explored the stress our
country’s aging infrastructure is putting on homes, businesses and the future of water
rates. According to the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the U.S.’s approximately 1
million miles of pipe systems were built post-World War II, and their viability is running
low. Dangerously low.

Infrastructure upgrades are inevitable in the country’s future, and maintaining low
water rates will no longer be an option as counties, cities and states will be forced to
make critical upgrades to preserve Earth’s most precious resource.

With extreme weather events, population growth and aging systems nipping at the
heels of major infrastructure change, properties of all sizes will be thrust into a new
realm of decision-making: What can property managers do to make necessary upgrades
while maintaining a profitable portfolio?

As we modernize facilities, water rates will increase to offset investment costs and
improvements. However, this inevitable increase in expenses can be stomached in a
variety of ways, and could even be mitigated through smart technologies.

Providing visibility into water consumption and costs on each asset across a portfolio
allows property and facility managers to proactively detect and resolve unseen leaks,
identify high water users and specifically determine where to invest in water-saving
improvements. At an even simpler level, smart technology provides a clear view into
billing. Understanding the details of your monthly water bill decreases the chance of
unforeseen surprises or cost spikes.

Facility managers can rest easy knowing that proactive investments in smart water
technology will consistently address their water management needs. With platforms like
Banyan Water, managers will gain access to quality usage data and evolving tools such
as interactive property maps, automated reports and more.

Contemplating infrastructure improvements is no longer an option. Adjustments and
upgrades will be made, and a proactive investment in insightful water management
tools will be essential for facility managers looking to efficiently manage a portfolio of
evolving properties. Minimize the impact of increasing water rates and manage your
water risk with innovative property analytics that save you time and money while
simultaneously achieving sustainability goals.