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“We are thrilled to be recognized as an impact company by Real Leaders® among many other values-aligned companies”

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– Gillan Taddune
CEO, Banyan Water

Patented Technology That Detects and Stops Leaks in Real-Time

Never be surprised again by an outrageously high water bill. Last year, properties using Banyan Water prevented over 168 million gallons of wasted water and saved ~$2 million.

Irrigation Insight®

Actively manage water on your property and save water without sacrificing landscape health.

  • Interactive property map
  • Weather tracking technology and watering schedules based on your property’s needs
  • Emergency remote shut off

Indoor Insight®

Track water use throughout your buildings, mitigate risk and increase net-operating income.

  • Water bill auditing tools
  • Real-time leak alerts
  • Water-saving
actionable insights

Cooling Insight™

Remotely view and control your cooling towers to increase operations efficiency and save on water costs.

  • Automated control and tracking of cycles of concentration
  • Easy access to information needed for evaporative credits
  • Clear performance data

See How Our Water Management Solutions Create Real Impact

Discover Success Stories and Industry-Wide Results Across Various Sectors


Asset Value Created for Corporate Campuses

24,658,110 lbs

Carbon Offset for
Multi-family Homes


Asset Value Created for
Multi-site Retail

Water Saving Clients

“Water efficiency is a great way to simultaneously add value for our investors and our residents, and Banyan’s solutions accomplish that and more.”

Ralph Pickett, Former President and CEO, LivCor

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Take Control of Your Water Cost and Mitigate Risk

Whether you are trying to mitigate water risk or you want to plan and improve your water infrastructure, Banyan Water has the solution for you.

Banyan Water Receives 2024 Real Leader Impact Award

Banyan Water, a leading provider of smart water management solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has been honored with a 2024 Real Leaders Impact Award.

HIT REIT Reduces Water Costs by 72%

HIT REIT slashes water expenses by 72% across 10 sites using Banyan Water’s solutions like real-time leak detection and optimized irrigation.


Water management and software service company, Banyan Water, released its mobile app on June 1. Banyan Water created the app so clients could access important information regarding water use and control the flow of water right from their mobile device.


Our report analyzed 2021 data from its portfolio of properties, identifying major enterprise-level water risks jeopardizing large-scale conservation amidst historic droughts. The report also identifies the millions of dollars in hidden costs properties face due to water mismanagement coupled with rising regional water rates.