Water Management Software for Fortune 500 Companies

Reduce Water Costs 40-60% With Bill Verified Solutions

Smart Water Management With Easy-to-Measure Savings

Water usage and cost insights for more accurate budgeting and forecasting

Real-time leak detection and patented auto-shutoff

Centralized reporting dashboard for portfolio-wide visibility

verified savings

Remote system diagnostics to ensure operating reliability

Water Management Solutions

Irrigation Insight®

Actively manage water on your property and save water without sacrificing landscape health.

  • Interactive property map
  • Weather tracking technology and watering schedules based on your property’s needs
  • Emergency remote shut off

Indoor Insight®

Track water use throughout your buildings, mitigate risk and increase net-operating income.

  • Water bill auditing tools
  • Real-time leak alerts
  • Water-saving
actionable insights

Cooling Insight™

Remotely view and control your cooling towers to increase operations efficiency and save on water costs.

  • Automated control and tracking of cycles of concentration
  • Easy access to information needed for evaporative credits
  • Clear performance data


Banyan Water’s unique, IoT-based Irrigation Insight® software optimizes HP’s irrigation usage from three sources: City of Palo Alto irrigation water, City of Palo Alto domestic water and onsite reclaimed water. Banyan’s data-driven software monitors water usage from each source daily to maximize available recycled water and to minimize domestic water costs, which can reach upwards of four times the cost of recycled water.
Since the implementation of Banyan’s total water management software in 2017, HP has saved more than fourteen million gallons of irrigation water on its Palo Alto campus, a 35% reduction compared to prior usage.

“Water is a crucial component of HP’s sustainability roadmap. We needed a tool that could do more than simply track and monitor utility costs. We sought a solution that could maximize our available water resources while delivering clear, measurable savings. Banyan Water provides our facility management team with real-time water usage data and immediately puts it into action. Together we’ve saved millions of gallons and significantly advanced our global water reduction goals.”


Lisa Prosch, facilities manager at HP Inc.

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