Tech leader HP (Hewlett-Packard) employs Banyan Water to leverage smart water technology, which has led to a 42% reduction in water use. With three unique water sources on its Palo Alto campus, water management was a challenging task for HP. The tech giant looked to Banyan’s water management expertise to implement a program that maximized the cost efficiency of each source. With Banyan’s Irrigation Insight solution, HP was able to achieve significant outdoor water savings in this water-scarce region of California while still maintaining a beautiful landscape aesthetic on its sprawling tech campus. Banyan’s leak detection capabilities also identified 20 leak events, leading to millions of additional gallons of water savings.

Banyan Water has been able to organize the irrigation system to pull from multiple water sources to optimize cost for its irrigation consumption needs. With automated leak detection and oversight as well as over-irrigation schedules to identify irregularities and opportunities for savings, the Banyan Water software platform has helped HP maximize its water savings.