Total Water Management:

Save Water, Save Money, Save Time

Water is the fastest rising utility cost in most U.S. cities. Smart businesses are tracking and controlling their water use and seeing immediate results.
Banyan Water uses industry-leading technology to give commercial customers unprecedented levels of information and control over their water use.
Our methods are transparent, effective, and measurable.


We use real-time data from onsite hardware and utility data to understand your property’s water use.


Our industry-leading analytics engine provides insight into water costs, use, trends, and anomalies, identifying areas of inefficiency or even hidden leaks.


Our network operations center ensures property-wide water efficiency, making recommendations on areas for improvements, and notifying you of urgent issues.


Every month we report how much water was used and saved and we verify these savings against your utility bills.

Banyan Water Central™
Tracking & Analyzing Water Use, Offering Powerful Insights

Banyan Water’s industry-leading software platform collects thousands of data points about your property and surfaces key insights that power decisions about capital investments and water-saving improvements. Portfolio management tools allow for detailed asset tracking and performance comparisons between properties. Used on its own or in combination with our other solutions, Banyan Water Central is your hub for optimal water management.

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Irrigation Insight®
Reducing Irrigation Water Use by 50-70%

Irrigation water is often the biggest source of wasted water on a property. With Banyan Water’s actively managed irrigation services, you can have confidence that your landscape is being watered as efficiently as possible. Banyan Water’s experts use cutting edge technology to actively manage irrigation, saving 50-70% on irrigation water while your landscape stays healthy.

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Indoor Insight™
Real-Time Leak Detection and Indoor Water Tracking

Know when, where and how water is being used inside your buildings, and avoid catastrophe with real-time leak detection. Indoor Insight offers a new level of information and understanding that allows users to detect leaks within minutes, monitor tenant water use, audit water bills, and measurably reduce indoor water consumption.

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Cooling Insight™
Hassle-Free Cooling Tower Data

Cooling towers are the second biggest water user on most commercial properties. Are you monitoring and optimizing your cooling tower water use? Are you confident that something small, like a broken float valve, isn’t costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month? Banyan Water’s Cooling Insight monitors water going into and out of your cooling tower in real time, displays that information on your computer or phone, and alerts you when water use goes beyond normal levels. Use the information to track efficiency, improve your system or to apply for evaporative credits.

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