We are currently living through unprecedented times, certainly in this generation. The novel Coronavirus has impacted our daily lives in countless ways, from school closures and work from home ordinances to the heartache, fear and suffering of losing jobs or far worse, loved ones. 

During this time we are grateful for the members of our communities on the front lines. We’re grateful for those working in grocery stores and restaurants keeping us fed in these uncertain times. We are extremely grateful for our customers and their trust in us to manage their water use and mitigate unnecessary utility costs, now more than ever.  We’ve had to adapt our own business, to allow our employees and their families to remain in the safety of their homes, however we are extremely fortunate that we are still able to offer our solutions at 100% of their capacities, providing our customers with actionable, cost saving water management and data. 

It is in these uncertain moments that we’ve recognized the value of digital water management goes well beyond our original mission to reduce outdoor water consumption back in 2011. In the years since Banyan Water has adapted and evolved to create the world’s leading water management platform, using innovative ways to measure and manage water across commercial properties and portfolios of every shape and size. 

During the days and weeks ahead when your multifamily community, corporate campus, or commercial facility might be unable or unwilling to have outside vendors in or around your tenants, employees, or students Banyan’s Total Water Management solutions allow you to still retain maximum water efficiency without risking exposure. We wanted to take a moment to review some of the features offered through Irrigation Insight® and Indoor insight® that will help maintain your water operations in the weeks and months ahead.

Leak Detection and Prevention 

All of Banyan’s solutions come with leak detection built in. Whether it’s an underground irrigation leak in your system mainline, or a leaky toilet somewhere on your property that hasn’t stopped running in two days, Banyan Water Central will identify the issue and then notify the right people on your team, so that you can take action. These alerts are available in the form of both email and text message, meaning that you’ll be the first to know when a leak arises on your property. 

Remote irrigation scheduling and schedule monitoring

Our flagship product, Irrigation Insight®, provides irrigation schedules from our cloud based software tool Banyan Water Central. Since day 1 we have been refining and improving our understanding of plant watering needs to provide the most comprehensive and accurate irrigation scheduling tool on the market. In light of  today’s pandemic, where bringing members from the outside world threatens the health of your residents, employees, or families, having the confidence your landscape will be healthy and beautiful without bringing any vendors on site is especially valuable. You can also log in to your Banyan Water Central portal to see when the most recent irrigation schedule ran, how much water was used, and tons more information about your watering history. If you don’t know how to do this check out our recently enhanced Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Remote Data Tracking 

Whether you’re interested in your outdoor water or indoor water use, Banyan’s dashboard displays property water flows and key performance indexes in a single place. When accessing your property may be limited at the moment, this could be extremely valuable for both property level staff and portfolio managers at the corporate level. 

Data Explorer showing real time usage

If you’re curious to dive deeper into water flow on your property, Banyan’s Data Explorer allows you to map multiple meters from across your site to look at trends and anomalies. Users are able to aggregate data from monthly, daily, hourly, or even fifteen minute intervals for unparalleled visibility into water use across the enterprise.

Property Maps with Real time flow status, water balances

If you’re wanting to optimize your landscapers time on property in order to minimize exposure, Banyan’s digital property maps allow your team to find equipment, identify irrigation zones, look at real time flows, or evaluate water depths like never before. Integrated with Google Earth, our mapping solutions simplify Total Water Management for large and complicated properties. 

Alerting of anomalous usage

If there’s an issue with your water systems, beyond obvious or even underground leaks, no tool makes you more aware than Irrigation Insight® and Indoor Insight®. Automated alerts notify you of ‘no flows’ or ‘high flows’ for every station on your property, when water is being used outside of normally scheduled windows, or even when you are approaching the monthly water budget allowed on your site. 

To all of our customers we want to say thank you for your business and continued support during these challenging times. We want you to rest assured that we’ll take care of your water management needs, so that you can focus on what is really important. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk we’re here for you. Our hotline is 1-800-276-1507. Call us any time.