September 28, 2021

This year, Banyan Water’s sustainability efforts via smart water conservation software was noticed and celebrated. This month, Business Intelligence Group honored Banyan as one of its 2021 Sustainability Award winners in the Sustainability Leadership category. We share this milestone with 20 other like-minded organizations—such as Mastercard, Treehugger and World Energy—who put sustainability at the frontlines of their business models.

“We are so proud to reward and recognize all of our winners and finalists, as they provide the leadership and vision needed to protect our environment,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for Business Intelligence Group.

The award recognizes a monumental year for our company. We announced Banyan has saved enterprises over 4 billion gallons of water since its inception, with 530 million gallons conserved and $36 million in asset value created for customers in 2020 alone. Banyan’s IoT-enabled, SaaS-based water technologies detected 505 irrigation leaks in 2020, saving $1.75 million in potential water waste and repairs.

“Being recognized as a leading advocate and provider of sustainability solutions is a high honor for Banyan Water,” says CEO Gillan Taddune. “We continually work with enterprise-level properties to implement our leading data-driven water conservation technology and create lasting change that will impact our planet. As we face one of history’s most devastating water crises, Banyan is tackling the issue head on and encouraging other businesses to do the same.”

The Sustainability Leadership Award supports our mission as we work to achieve greater water conservation and millions of dollars in savings for our customers. We look forward to a future of continued learning, deeper care and even greater appreciation for our planet’s most precious resource: water.