Creating Water Resilience in an Era of Water Risk

We are extremely excited to present the first Banyan Water Analysis Trends and Emerging Risk (W.A.T.E.R.) Report!

Throughout 2019, our cloud-based water management software, Banyan Water Central, collected hundreds of thousands of data points from across our managed portfolio of properties. Curious to see what was hiding behind these numbers, our team of water experts compiled the information into the inaugural Banyan W.A.T.E.R. Report. Banyan Water Central continuously monitors a property’s water flow and consumption, local weather and climate patterns, rate changes and other factors to identify inefficiencies in a site’s overall water use, such as leaks and landscape over watering.

In the report, we uncover which risk factors to look out for in 2020, and also  provide a deep dive into the data being collected by our software across the United States’ water landscape. Our goal in developing this report is to help enterprise executives, facility managers, real estate asset managers, corporate sustainability leaders and others understand the value of water across their portfolios and the risks water mismanagement presents. 

The report includes data collected from a variety of asset classes, such as multifamily, commercial office, corporate campus, higher education, multi- site retail, and hospitality. In the report, Banyan Water: 

  • Analyzed water leaks, of which Banyan discovered more than 850 critical water leaks, and preventing more that 234 million gallons of additional water waste for our clients. 
  • Compared relevant data sets including variations in average daily rainfall across regions, changes in water rates by region, and flow rate comparisons for appliances and fixtures.  

Water risk is truly at an all-time high. Without advanced data and analytics, very little information is available to commercial property owners, managers or tenants. A single water bill often represents an entire building (or more!) and bills often arrive 45-60 days after the fact. This only exacerbates the prevailing risk of water mismanagement. 

At Banyan Water, our mission is to create technology to preserve the world’s most precious resource. Since our inception, we have not only saved billions of gallons of water, but our unique, innovative software has grown more and more advanced. Today, we are learning and understanding the intricacies of a property’s water consumption norms and anomalies. Our intelligent tool enables us to detect and prevent water waste like never before. As more of our customers enroll in our Total Water Management program, the value of clarity in water demand across multiple properties, water accounts and rate structures has never been simpler. 

Please click below to read the report in its entirety. If you are interested in talking to a water conservation representative about what’s hiding in your water data, click here or join the conversation on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram Pages