As we move in 2020, we are proud to share an extremely exciting announcement from the Banyan Water team. 

Banyan Water’s Vine Control System, featuring our flagship Irrigation Insight® product, has been officially approved as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation system. This is not only big news for Banyan, but for both our current and future customers!

What is the WaterSense program and what does it mean for you?

The EPA developed the WaterSense program in 2006 to help consumers learn techniques, find products and implement solutions to reduce their water consumption. Since implementation, the program has been responsible for a whopping 3.4 trillion gallons of water reduction, and has helped reduce U.S. water consumption by 724 billion gallons of water in 2018 alone. Banyan is excited to contribute to this success in 2020 and beyond. 

The EPA encourages consumers to look for the WaterSense logo when shopping for water fixtures, appliances and irrigation systems (such as Banyan’s Irrigation Insight!). For commercial property owners, facilities managers and asset management groups, the EPA has a useful list of best practices, including real-time submetering for data collection and leak detection, and utilizing weather-based irrigation controls, solutions Banyan Water is proud to offer in both our Irrigation Insight® and Indoor Insight® products. All of these solutions help property owners improve resilience to increased drought and water rate increases projected for the coming years.

More WaterSense benefits for you and your property

Many utilities across the country also offer rate incentives and rebates for customers who have installed EPA WaterSense labeled irrigation systems. If you are a current Banyan Irrigation Insight customer, we encourage you to look at what might be available through your local water provider

For multifamily property owners interested in Fannie Mae’s Green Loan program, the EPA WaterSense logo can help your property achieve the necessary steps to qualify for incentives on interest rates. This can have huge long-term cost saving implications over the term of your loans, in addition to the monthly water savings you’ll naturally see on your bills. Contact one of Banyan’s representatives to learn more about how we can help you achieve your Green Loan goals here

Additionally for multifamily properties, the WaterSense program is connected with the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager and will provide a property’s EPA Water Score. This 0-100 score allows property owners to measure their overall water efficiency and track the effectiveness of water-saving programs they implement. This is a great tool to see how your property compares to similar communities in your area, and what solutions might help you improve.

The EPA has developed a Best Practices Guide to help commercial facilities managers and property managers understand their water use, plan and implement a water management program and begin undertaking water saving projects. Banyan Water would be happy to lend our water conservation expertise and our total water management programs to create the most efficient and resilient water management plan at your facility. Contact us today to learn more! 

The program has terrific information on its website, including tips and tricks for both residential water consumption and commercial water use. Head there or speak with a Banyan representative today to see how your properties can reduce water use. 

We want to hear from you! What is your experience with EPA’s WaterSense program? Do you have further questions about  tracking, managing and reducing water demand? Check out our LinkedIn and Twitter pages to be a part of the conversation.