Feeling like you still can’t beat the heat? You’re not alone

Cities around the country are experiencing record breaking temperatures as we’ve transitioned into fall. Paired with below average rainfall throughout the second half of 2019, water demand for irrigation has remained high, both for landscapes and agriculture. Across the country and around the world September, typically the month we start to dig out our sweaters, has continued to swelter.

“Triple digit daytime temperatures have combined with acute lack of rainfall to rapidly dry out the Southeastern US causing what is known as a flash drought” reports the Wall Street Journal. Many cities in the eastern and central United States are experiencing record breaking temperatures, leading to what’s looking to be the hottest September in history. In addition the Northern Hemisphere saw its warmest summer since 1880, according to NOAA data released last month. Combined, this has put increasing stress on our already challenged fresh water resources. Scientists are already suggesting 2019 will be among the five hottest years on record.

With rainfall totals in parts of the country 60% below monthly average for August and September, areas are battling a two pronged challenge. Lower rainfall obviously creates the need for increased irrigation use, and with the combination of ongoing heat waves irrigation demand remains high across the country. For commercial property owners this leads to increased and unpredictable water costs, but by utilizing technologies like Banyan’s Irrigation Insight property owners and managers can maximize efficiency thanks to daily sprinkler schedule updates and professional water managers providing hands on support.

As we carry on deeper into the fall one other important thing to consider is performing detailed irrigation inspections. Many landscaping businesses include irrigation system inspections as part of their contracts, but with hot summers lingering into fall these can sometimes get overlooked or skipped. As the weather begins to cool off, these tests can identify coverage issues, broken or leaky heads, and even stuck valves that can cause under watered areas and sky high water bills. Be sure to ask your dedicated Water Manager about the tools Banyan has to make these inspections quick and easy!

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