AUSTIN, Texas Banyan Water, the leading provider of data-driven water conservation software for the built environment, announced today it has saved 3.7 billion gallons of water for enterprises since its inception. In 2020 year to date, Banyan has detected over 400 leaks at its clients properties. Banyan also added JRK Property Holdings and Unico, to its client portfolio and expanded its services with AMLI, Starlight Investments, BH Management, and LivCor.

Banyan Water’s total water management platform, Banyan Water Central, gathers real-time data from multiple sources to provide a complete overview of a property’s—or an entire portfolio’s—water usage over time.

“We’re clearly seeing the value Banyan’s Irrigation Insight software provides through significant savings on one of our properties in Irving, Texas,” said Shawn Haas, energy and utility manager for AMLI. “The leak detection tool found 14 leaks in 2019, saving us more than $20,000. Sustainability is critical to our business model, and we’re excited to implement Banyan’s software on additional sites in 2020 while continuing to collaborate with Banyan’s team on where else their solutions will be valuable to our properties.” 

IoT-enabled water technology is increasingly valuable to enterprise-level water conservation efforts. Taking preventative measures to mitigate water risk can identify and resolve water-related issues—such as hidden, costly leaks—in real time, saving millions of dollars in potential water loss.

“Banyan’s latest savings milestone reflects our commitment to increasing asset value for our customers through intelligent water software,” said Gillan Taddune, CEO of Banyan Water. “We are thrilled to expand our partnerships with LivCor and American Airlines among others, who are all true water warriors. Our customers don’t just value water conservation; they make it a priority throughout their organizations.”

About Banyan Water

Founded in 2011, Banyan Water is the leading provider of data-driven water conservation software for the built environment. Using smart devices and real-time monitoring and analytics, Banyan protects Earth’s most precious resource while generating untapped revenue for clients. Since the company’s inception, Banyan has saved more than 3.7 billion gallons of water—equivalent to the resources required to make 150 million pints of beer—secured the esteemed EPA WaterSense label on select products, and in 2019, increased customer asset value by $20 million.