Smart Water Management Software for Corporate and University Campuses

Reduce Water Spend by 40%-60% With Real-Time Monitoring

Simplified Water Management For Bigger Savings

Real-time leak detection and patented auto-shutoff

Centralized reporting dashboard for portfolio-wide visibility

2-3 year
payback period

Remote system diagnostics to ensure operating reliability

Water Management Solutions

Irrigation Insight®

Actively manage water on your property and save water without sacrificing landscape health.

  • Interactive property map
  • Weather tracking technology and watering schedules based on your property’s needs
  • Emergency remote shut off

Indoor Insight®

Track water use throughout your buildings, mitigate risk and increase net-operating income.

  • Water bill auditing tools
  • Real-time leak alerts
  • Water-saving
actionable insights

Cooling Insight™

Remotely view and control your cooling towers to increase operations efficiency and save on water costs.

  • Automated control and tracking of cycles of concentration
  • Easy access to information needed for evaporative credits
  • Clear performance data


The Thacher School is a coeducational, college preparatory independent boarding school in Ojai, California, a particularly drought-susceptible region in Southern California. The constant and pervasive threat of widespread drought combined with the ever-present maintenance requirements of Thacher’s sprawling and complex 427-acre campus created troublesome challenges for the school if left unchecked. For Thacher’s staff and board of trustees—which view water scarcity as a top threat to the school’s operability, sustainability, admission’s process, fundraising efforts and to the student body as a whole—doing nothing was not an option.

“By implementing Banyan’s smart water technology, we’re not only able to conserve water and save money, but can and have integrated water insights into our marketing strategy. The ability to closely monitor and save water became a competitive advantage to attract prospective students and families who might have concerns about the school’s future, its sustainability plan or the state of its facilities because of where we’re located”.


Ed Bennett, Director of Facilities for The Thacher School

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