As a commercial property owner or manager, you may have had the unfortunate experience of receiving a water bill with an unexpected surge. Frustration sets in, and you scramble to find the source. However, traditional methods like meter readings and visual inspections often prove ineffective. Hidden leaks, the silent saboteurs, could be lurking anywhere in your large real estate portfolio, draining your wallet and resources through property damage from leaks. This is where advanced water tracking solutions like Banyan Water come in.

Introducing Banyan Water Central, your revolutionary software solution for more intelligent water management. Banyan Water Central empowers businesses with real-time water use data and actionable insights. They act as your central hub to gather data from various sources, including smart meters and flow sensors. This comprehensive picture of your water consumption (water monitoring for buildings) empowers you to:

Uncover hidden leaks:

Banyan Water Central’s water data and analytics pinpoint unusual water usage patterns. This allows you to identify and address leaks promptly before they cause significant damage or financial strain.

Prevent backflow leaks:

Banyan Water Central can identify potential backflow situations with the help of real-time data. This feature can ensure that contaminated water does not enter your clean water supply.

Gain actionable insights:

Transform raw water data into meaningful insights with user-friendly dashboards and reports. Gain a deeper understanding of your water consumption trends, identify areas for improvement with water-efficient landscaping, or upgrade to smart controllers. Additionally, leverage data to make informed decisions for optimizing water tracking across your entire portfolio.

Effortless Portfolio Monitoring

Designed specifically for portfolio managers in the commercial real estate industry, this platform goes beyond mere leak detection. Banyan Water offers comprehensive water management solutions tailored for large portfolios. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly switch between individual properties or view your entire portfolio. In addition, you can gain instant access to water tracking and detailed analysis of usage across all your assets from a single platform.

Unique Rate Environment Insights

Tailored to the intricacies of property management, the system enhances water tracking by offering insights specific to the water rates of each property. This targeted approach helps in making well-informed decisions for each asset. Potentially, these insights can drive significant cost savings in water usage across commercial real estate portfolios.

Proactive Leak Detection for Buildings and Data-Driven Investment Decisions

Banyan Water Central identifies abnormal water usage patterns, flagging potential leaks before they cause significant damage or financial loss. By prioritizing your maintenance efforts, you can promptly resolve any issues. In addition, you can calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) of capital improvements such as automatic leak shutoff valves or water-efficient fixtures. This will help you make informed decisions about which investments to complete in your property.

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Real-World Success Stories

Beyond the functionalities, Banyan Water Central empowers real organizations to achieve significant water savings and cost reductions. Here are just a few examples:

Hospitality Investors Trust (HIT REIT)

HIT REIT is a real estate investment trust that manages an array of hotel properties throughout the United States. Faced with soaring water bills and no actionable knowledge of where the issues sprung from, they aimed to cut water use and costs. They urgently needed tools for real-time water usage tracking, leak detection, and the ability to analyze water bills across their properties so they could address problems swiftly and prevent waste.

HIT REIT turned to Banyan Water, a leader in the emerging field of smart water management.

While working with Banyan’s EPA Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) irrigation auditors identified 514 leaks and system issues (i.e., broken sprinkler heads, coverage issues, etc.) in 50 plus properties.

In implementing Banyan’s smart irrigation solution, they installed real-time leak detection software and ET-based irrigation scheduling to optimize water usage. Furthermore, Banyan’s utility bill verification provided a clear picture of the program’s savings with accurate measurements giving data-based insights into their water conservation efforts.

Since employing Banyan Water on ten properties, HIT REIT has achieved remarkable results. These include a 72% reduction in water consumption and associated costs; saving a whopping 10,523,358 gallons of water.

HIT REIT has now been empowered to solve their water usage problems and curb wasteful water consumption. They can now identify leaks, fine-tune their irrigation schedules based on weather data, and detect infrastructure concerns. This proactive approach led to substantial financial savings; as well as resonated with HIT REIT’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.


Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a leading technology company that is committed to creating technology that makes life better for everyone while reducing its impact on the planet. As part of its sustainable impact strategy, HP aims to reduce its water consumption in global operations by 15% by 2025. However, achieving this goal was not an easy task.

In 2017, HP partnered with Banyan Water to deploy Banyan’s Smart Irrigation solution at HP’s Palo Alto campus. The software’s predictive analytics, monitoring capabilities, and significant savings supported HP’s reduction strategy. It was also adaptable to HP’s water reclamation system, operated by Stantec, a leading global design and engineering firm.

Since implementing Banyan’s water management solutions at HP’s Palo Alto campus, HP has achieved remarkable water conservation. Furthermore, they achieved cost reduction, asset value enhancement, and operational efficiency.

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Some of the key results are:

– In 2018, HP saved over 14 million gallons of water annually, reducing irrigation water usage by 42% compared to prior usage in 2017 and 35% compared to the 2015 baseline.

– Banyan’s real-time leak detection capabilities helped detect and prevent over 20 leaks on HP’s campus, saving millions of gallons of additional water waste.

– HP increased its net operating income and asset value by reducing water bills and operating expenses. It also improved operational efficiency by leveraging Banyan’s real-time water use data, web platform, and remote monitoring and control capabilities.

Thacher School

The Thacher School is a boarding school in Ojai, California, prone to droughts. The school was concerned about reducing its water consumption and expenses while maintaining its beautiful landscapes and providing its students and staff with the best services.

To achieve this, The Thacher School partnered with Banyan Water, which provides smart water management services. They installed Banyan’s Smart Irrigation solution, which uses data to predict and manage water use across the school’s campus.

Their collaborative efforts won them the 2018 Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award. They have reduced 56% in annual water usage since 2013 through various water conservation projects. To start, they installed low-flow devices in dorms and faculty homes. Next, they upgraded irrigation systems, implemented selective watering, and used greywater from dormitory laundry machines to irrigate trees. What’s more, they have saved up to 550,000 gallons of water annually. Finally, they have also developed a new water-conserving athletic field at Upper Field and installed the Banyan water usage monitoring system.

Thacher School’s partnership with Banyan Water is an excellent example of how technology can help address water shortages sustainably through market-based solutions.

By leveraging Banyan Water Central, you gain the power to manage your water resources strategically and efficiently across your entire portfolio. This translates to reduced operating costs, improved tenant satisfaction, and a more sustainable business model.

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On display are three devices: a tablet, a smartphone, and a laptop, all showing Banyan Water’s user interface. The tablet displays a line graph, the smartphone presents a bar graph, and the computer features a dashboard with several data visualizations. These visualizations include percentages and daily water usage metrics.

Banyan Water is the solution for businesses that want to make a real impact on their bottom line and the environment. Their innovative water management software and services allow businesses to monitor water usage in real-time, compare costs to budgets, and predict usage after making improvements.

Businesses can save water, reduce expenses, and contribute to environmental conservation by partnering with Banyan Water. This is by preventing costly damage from hidden leaks and optimize water usage across all locations. Choose Banyan Water to take control of your water usage and make a positive impact today! See the difference Banyan Water Central can make. Click here to get started.

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